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RefreshmentCenter 2

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RefreshmentCenter 2 (Model 784) for snacks and cold cans.  It increases productivity, boosts morale and serves lunch.

  • Height: 72 in.

  • Depth: 37.63 in.

  • Width: 32 in.

  • Selections:

    • 16-Snack Selections:

      • 138 Candy

      • 90 snack/pastry

    • 8-Can Drink Selections:

      • 136 12 oz. cans

  • Merchandising Flexibility
    Sell candy and snacks on the same shelf.  Motors couple easily and dividers slide out to convert to either candy or snack.

  • Continuous Price Rolls
    Just dial up the correct price.  No more little price tabs that fall out, get lost, or are hard to find.

  • Can Module
    Easy front loading system - just roll the cans into place.  The can module provides 8 selections with 136 unit capacity.

  • Easy Loading
    Each shelf tilts forward at 45°, making it easy to reach even the upper shelves.

  • Electronic Features
    Self diagnostics-description appears in plain English on credit display when cabinet door is opened, and any failures are stored and shown in order as corrected.  Data can be recalled for total sales and individual selection sales.  Each selection can be individually priced.


All specifications subject to change without notice.

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