Sensor Technology!
Ensuring Product Delivery

iVendô vend sensing system virtually eliminates mis-vends and ensures product delivery or credit back.

Easily the most influential technology to come to the vending industry in decades,  iVendô is an infrared light sensing unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver.  During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by the iVendô system, the system waits one second then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed as dropped.  If a product is still not sensed as dropped by the iVendô system after a full rotation to the home position, the selection will be considered empty or sold out and the customer's credit will be restored and will trigger the display message MAKE ALTERNATE SELECTION.  The selection is then automatically reinstated for future vends.  Your customers is always satisfied.
  • Improved vending reliability
  • Re-establishes credit or refunds money
  • Consistent home position
  • Sensor self calibration
  • Sensor fail safe operation
  • Operates in outdoor environment
  • In case of an iVendô problem the machine automatically converts to standard operation
  • Reduces service calls
  • Unlike other sensors, this system minimizes the vending of a second product
  • Accounting/DEX Readings maintain accuracy
  • Accounting/DEX Records number of mis-loads.

Included now on HR23, HR32, HR40 and SM5700 snack machines.

Patent Pending