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Combo II

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Tired of your candies melting in your machine and not in your mouth?

28 Selections of your choice of snacks.

Install at "NO COST TO YOU" 
our newest totally "AIR/COOLED" 
combo snack & drink machine!

6 selections of any soda, bottled water,
juice, or sports drink in cans & bottles.

No more melted candies!
1 + 1 = 2 machines in one!

More choices
in less floor space!
42" W x 34" D x 72" H

Selections: 28 Snack; 6 Can/Bottle

Capacity: Cans, 312; Bottles, 132; Chip, 144; Candy, 172; Pastry, 27

Pricing: By Individual Selection - $0 to $99.95

Coinage: Multi-price Coin Mechanism; Dollar Bill Acceptor; MDB Compatible

Weight: 960 lbs.

Refrigeration: 1/3 HP (115 VAC); Super 1/3 HP (230 VAC); R134A Refrigerant Hermetically Sealed

Features: Capable of vending cold soda, water and juices in 20oz. Bottles or 12 oz. cans; 7 snack trays; DEX UCS compatible.

Put our 18 years experience of "Vending the RIGHT WAY" to work for you "TODAY!"

Authorized distributor of vending equipment
& primary service and maintenance center.

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